What is the NANO-MUBIOP project?

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for cervix cancer or gene mutations and consequent hereditary diseases. The determination of HPV types has clinical-diagnostic value and is an important factor in the assessment of risk of cancer development in patients who exhibit evidence of HPV infection. NANO-MUBIOP is an EU funded research project that means Enhanced sensitivity Nanotechnology-based Multiplexed Bioassay Platform for diagnostic applications. The project proposes a strategy satisfying the need for the development of a cheap, fast and patient-friendly diagnostic tool able to detect all possible HPV infections.

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Who is involved?

The project involved eight European partners coming from 5 European Countries (Italy, France, Ireland, Hungary and UK) working together to develop the new platform for bio-targets detection. In order to allow a proper exploitation of the project results, a transnational consortium of 3 research intensive SMEs, representing a complete supply chain, complemented by 5 Research Centres, to make available the required knowledge to achieve the challenging S&T objectives, has been created. The project is coordinated by Hospitex Diagnostics srl, an international engineering, manufacturing and trading company working in the medical diagnostics field.

The website

This website is designed to provide information on the participants, background, organisation, progress and findings of the project.

The News section provides the latest progress reports and news items stemming from the NANO-MUBIOP project.

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A Glossary of Useful terms is also available here.