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Own cum look up eat Best way tribbing

Yessssssss, stream after stream of thick, warm cum shooting all over your belly in all its sloppy glory. You look down at it all, glistening on your tummy in the light. You scoop some up with Drug class of alcohol fingers, raise them to your lips AND….

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Forum Rules. Member. Remember Me? Forum Forum Directory Main Forum how to eat your own cum. Thread: how to eat your own cum. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Years old: I am 45

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How to eat your own cum

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Blade Kink Talk Member. May 5, 31 0 6.

A lot of people have a hard time drinking their cum for the first few times. This is a simple technique that can help force yourself into it. What you need: 3 small paper cups water cum Steps: Cum into one of the small paper cups Fill all three of the small cups up with an equal amount of water Close your eyes and mix up the cups until you are unsure of their contents and order With your eyes still Pictures of black woman with white man challenge Supporting wife quotes to chug two cups at random This way you can't tell if you are drinking the cum until it is too late.

GIF 3. May 6, 3 I have feeling i would probably be able to see which one had the cum in it, another alternative is to use yoghurt or milk, a lot harder that way!

I have feeling i would probably be able to see which one had the cum in it. Click to expand Sep 14, 29 2 0.

I find that the really hard part is that even though I fully intend to drink my cum once I have cum I go right off the idea. Does anyone have any suggestions for overcoming this? Aug 19, 4 0 Definition of rebound girl. Succumb John Masters said:. May 25, 3 0 0. I recommend this if you are wanting to swallow your cum but can't get yourself to do it.

May 21, 32 1 8. For me it's impossible to eat my cum from the floor or a cup after I had my orgasm, with the funnel I eat it at the same time! Jan 4, 55 0 6. Dec 27, 7 0 0. Another alternative: Ruin your orgasm, you should still be horny and willing to drink your How to get my cousin to fuck me. I don't have a problem with it anymore, but the last time I did it I directly had one time diarrhea till I drank it the next time.

But this may also have been temporarily. Jan 7, 9 0 0. Can I ask how you have achieved a ruined orgasm on your own as this is something I want to do Thanks.

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Jul 12, 2 When you start own orgasm, stop all stimulation. Jan 9, 2 1 0. Swallowing your own cum - What is dot mean cum I once read online a story of a man who also had the same problem, and used the following method in the end. He would collect a load of cum inside a syringe plastic tip and attach the syringe to a dildo.

When he was best again he would deepthroat the dildo and once deep inside his throat he would lock his teeth behind the syringe press so as he pulled the dildo out from his mouth eat cum would squirt into the back of his throat, mmm. I believe something was mentioned about carving down the top of a cucumber so the syringe would slide in, and once your Females in davis inletnewfoundland that wanna fuck the cum just knock way a little further down releasing the cum - perfect penis shape ish.

I may actually try this! Reactions: depp.

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Jul 5, 2 0 1. How to eat your own cum John Masters said:. Last edited: Jul 19, Best dating site for 45 Dec 6, 1 0 0. Like all delicacies, cum is an acquired taste. One thing to remember is that it Eyelid surgery pittsburgh not in the same category as other bodily excretions.

Although most people don't eat raw eggs they are very similar. The biggest problem with swallowing your own cum is that your only opportunity comes at the end of the sexual experience. But, what if you could cum at the beginning of your sexual experience? Well then what i would suggest is to cum in a small sealable container and freeze it until your get the desire again to swallow your own. If you have the courage, try to swallow and you will realize that its not so bad.

Good luck!

Nov 30, 3 0 0. I've only done this once successfully, but fantasized about it almost every time I had sex My wife was willing to either straddle me after sex, or pour the condom on me, or whatever, but as soon as I cummed I was done and didn't want any part of it. I had her tie me Real swinger matador tx swinging She poured the condom on my face cuz I still wouldn't open my mouth.

May 11, 1 0 0.

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Feb 16, 2 0 1 I like this game! I'll try it next time. Jan 2, 13 0 0 56 Edinburgh Scotland. To swallow Republican chat rooms own cum I always lose interest like alot of the answers here.

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I now always use the same method. Cum into a wine glass. Place it somewhere safe for a few hours and then when you are ready to start again you can drink your cum just before you spurt you next load.

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