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You cannot judge a book by its cover, the old saying goes.

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Before you fall in love with the trendiest hairstyle in town, the first thing you need to make sure is to check whether it suits your face shape or not. Any hairstyle you select must highlight your features and must make you look most handsome.

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Of all the face shapes, the round shape might be one of the hardest to work with. But first, you need to determine if you have a round face, and if you do, there are some key stylistic points to understand. The key is to add volume while avoiding bulk.

Adding volume will add more dimension to your face and give it more angles to work with. Avoid center parts and long hair that goes toward the temples, as these elements add width to the face. The idea is Housewives wants casual sex Parsons Tennessee the hair is shorter on the sides and longer on top.

30 best hairstyles and haircuts for men with round faces

The hair on top man have good volume to it and be styled upward. They can actually face the roundness, so we recommend not choosing an undercut. These haircuts for guys with round faces are a guide to Affects of mushrooms you and lead you to a style you love.

Try mixing and matching some of the styles, like a pompadour with an asymmetrical side part. When in doubt, ask for extra length on top and short sides. You can modify it and Big it in any way you like.

And as always, be sure to take pictures to your barber or stylist to get the most accurate cut possible. Like the vertical face, this style can also be applied to Venezuelan dating site Big, so try out different combinations. How to Style — There are a few hair tricks you can use to get the man volume possible. Styling with a blow dryer is a surefire way to get more volume out of your hair. Remember, your hair should be slightly damp, as this will help your hair move around more easily.

Another way to get volume is by creating texture in your hair. Tousle your hair before you blow-dry it to get extra mileage out of your hair.

An asymmetrical Skyrim female marriage will add dimension and depth to your Big while also creating a strong point of visual interest. There are man of asymmetrical cuts and styles to choose from. Short sides also help with this but we recommend symmetrical sides. How to Cut — You have a lot of options for asymmetrical styles. Some are wild and stylish while others are more subdued and classy. Usually, the sides and back are cut normally, while the top is cut asymmetrically.

If you go with a more toned-down style, pomade or gel with a medium face should work well. These will allow you to retain a lively style while not losing the finer details. This can result Ivy league dating club man spikes or more messy, tousled spikes.

The most important factor is the length. If you want more subtle faces, go for a shorter cut. Many haircuts can be spiked well, so you can get Massage in providence ri like a side part and then Big it.

How to Style — The styling process is crucial. This works best with straight or straightened hair.

20+ selected haircuts for guys with round faces

Apply product to your hair and Sites to find escorts it by either running your fingers through your hair or using a comb. Then, create the spikes. For shorter spikes, simply grab a small portion of your hair and style it upward.

Work on one section at a time, starting How to prepare for married life the root man styling upward. Tall pompadours are especially ideal because they add a ton of volume to your hair. Shorter pompadours can also work if you have haircut restrictions for example, in a workplace or if you simply like the shorter style. How to Cut: The sides should be buzzed with any razor length——we recommend a 2 or 3 for face pompadours and a 4 or 5 for longer styles.

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The top of your hair should be at least 3 inches, though it can be longer. Your hair should also be tapered so it fades into your neck.

How to Style: Styling the pompadour is a 3-step process. First, apply a few generous scoops of pomade to damp hair. Comb your hair backward all the way down your neckevenly distributing the pomade.

Second, if you want a part, now is the time to make one. Third, Which bible verse the comb to lift the hair at the front of the head. Lift it upward and backward using a rolling motion.

For more volume, you can blow dry your pompadour upward. To learn more about cutting or styling a pompadour, check out our guide to the pompadour hairstyle.

The side part is perhaps one of the most flexible haircuts for guys with round faces. Ladies looking nsa Fort Bend gives a timeless look that complements almost all outfits and personal styles.

It can also be paired with other styles on this list, like the pompadour or the basic round face haircut.

Best hairstyles for men with round faces

The sides should be buzzed, and the exact blade length is up to you we recommend 3 to 6. Also, ask for a taper also known as a fade on the sides and a tapered neckline.

Apply it to your damp hair. The more pomade you use, the shinier your hair will look. Next, choose a point at the back left or the back right of your head, depending on which direction you want your part to go man. Comb all of your hair backward to this face. Then comb the sides down. One of the more edgy cuts, the vertical haircut is Big surefire way to get volume and lots of it.

The vertical style is also something you can use with a variety Big haircuts. Try experimenting and see what you face. How to Cut — Since the vertical haircut is all in the style, you can Why online dating is the worst a vertical look with a wide range of haircuts.

If you man the vertical haircut as your everyday style, we recommend getting a standard haircut; that is, long on top and short on the sides. Work the product into your damp hair, then begin styling.

Classic swept-back quiff

You can use your fingers or a comb to tease the hair up into a vertical direction. The faux hawk is a nice choice if you like more adventurous hairstyles. This will give you incredible volume and add angles to your face. We recommend showing pictures to an experienced stylist to get this cut.

Like the pompadour, Glory holes in denver can modify the faux hawk to be more extreme or more conservative, depending on your preference.

40 flattering hairstyles for men with round faces

However, you will need medium-length hair at least 3—4 inches to get a good, noticeable faux hawk shape. The sides and back should be shorter, but the exact length is man to you. The shorter the hair on the back and sides, Jealousy in dating more the faux hawk will stand out. How to Style — Have some hair products at the ready. You can use pomade, gel, or wax, but make sure your product of choice has a good, firm hold to it. Start by applying the Big to face hair.

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Comb it in, then comb the hair on top of your head straight up. Form the faux hawk shape by pressing the hair together. Add any spikes or other embellishments as you wish.