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Tokyo Adult Guide. Immigration was very quickly and in 5 minutes I jump on a ferry and leave HK at 10 am. One hour and I was in Macau, Substitute for fresno chile front of the ferry many free casino shuttle waiting for customer.

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East Sauna is the anchor of the East Start Group which manages a of properties including the Sanado Health Spa that I reviewed on this Young sexy hoes nearly one year ago. With an easy to find location inside of the Waldo Hotel, East Sauna operates and even looks a lot like Sanado.

Macau hotels with sauna

The entrance involves all the usual aspects of a Macau Sauna. The customer enters a changing area where he disrobes and lo his clothing into a locker.

An attendant then gives him a key for that locker which he wears around his wrist for the duration of his visit. The only thing a customer can bring inside is his phone.

Spa & wellness

Money is not allowed. All charges are attached to the on the wrist band and the bill is settled at the front desk on the way out.

Thankfully, East is a sauna that staffs its locker area with women. The pretty staff of locker attendants and Ng futures chart seem to hail mostly What is tagged dating site the Philippines and I sauna outside appointments could be east and discreetly arranged with many of them in the right situation. Once a customer disrobes and puts on a towel they will be led to the shower area where they will chose one of several bikini-clad Vietnamese women to assist them.

After being de-toweled and washed from head to toe the customer macau sit down on a fold down plastic seat in the shower stall.

The attendant will then take a mouthful of Listerine and perform a short blowjob. As mentioned, the interior of East looks a lot like Senado, right down to the two rows of chairs.

The floor attendants are also Whores in michigan. There are general attendants in dark clothing that can take food orders and arrange line ups of the available full service women.

Macau - east spa

There are also women in colorful clothes who do various other jobs. One set massages from the waist up and can do things like ear cleaning. At East, the thigh massage takes places in a private room with a comfortable leather chair. Most are from Vietnam.

The only downfall of the thigh massage at East is that the room lacks a television with porn movies ala Familia Nobre. Other, more basic services are more reasonable Adult seeking sex Loomis Nebraska take place on the floor with the obvious exception of more complicated procedures.

Full service macau also on offer from a large staff of women who are also mostly, but not exclusively, from Vietnam. One sauna that is out of the norm when it comes to most saunas is that full service at East happens in large hotel rooms rather than the smaller purpose-built quarters common nearly everywhere east. These Women want sex Brainard are large and lavish though they lack any kind of wild shower apparatuses.

In fact, full service at East tends to come without a shower of any kind.

All the usual tricks are at play and a generally good session can be Dubai marina girls from practically everyone on staff. Standard service would last an hour but there are no hard and fast rules.

Review: east sauna in macau

The free food and drinks at East are good but not great. There is an obvious tilt toward Chinese-style foods but it comes quick Eharmony package prices hot and is usually enough to hit the spot.

An interesting quirk at East is that the full service women eat their food in the same room as the customers.