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New growers often think the hard work is over when they cultivate and harvest their precious marijuana plants. Not quite!

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Ahhh, harvest time. Drying, as the name suggests, involves drying fresh buds so they contain less moisture and can be smoked or vaporized properly. Curing, on the other hand, involves storing your buds in closed containers over a period of at least two weeks. This helps develop the flavour and aroma of your buds as they mature.

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Your buds are ready for harvest, yet your job as a grower is not quite over yet.

You still need to put your newly harvested buds through the cannabis curing process. When do I harvest?

In order to ensure the best quality for your freshly harvested buds, you must prepare your buds with a process known as curingwhich involves drying your Local girls wanting to fuck Kansas City slowly in a controlled environment, then keeping buds in glass jars over the course of a few weeks to let certain natural plant processes occur.

It also reduces harshness. A big part of why buds from medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis cups often seem so special is they have been expertly dried and cured. People who have never experienced buds prepared Rosebud victoria australia way are often amazed by the smooth, pleasant experience of slow cured buds. In most cases, a proper cure will change the subjective effects of buds.

There is something that happens during a slow curing process which changes the exact composition of cannabinoids and terpenoids. This changes how buds make you feel.

The best way to understand the difference is to try it for yourself! Many growers feel that drying buds slowly and proper curing will actually make buds feel more potent up to a point. Growers also report that properly cured buds are much more pleasant to smoke, vaporize, or turn into edibles. This Pacific City Oregon sex phone chat likely due to how cannabinoids and terpenoids are altered during the curing process.

Note: This article covers the tried-and-true steps for traditional curing.

A few things to consider when drying weed

This is the most used and well-studied way to cure your buds. Curing begins as soon as you cut down your plant. So in order to get the most from curing, you need to master the process of drying your buds. An important part of the curing process happens during the first few days, as Adult looking sex Meldrim Georgia begin drying your buds.

During this initial drying phase, the main goal is to let your buds dry out relatively slowly usually days while protecting buds against mold and bacteria growth. Curing Is marijuana cannabis as soon as you cut down your plant! Most growers trim their buds and hang them upside down to dry until the outsides of buds are dry and the small stems snap when you bend them.

Cannabis curing best practices

A relatively slow drying process along with smart curing practices gives you the best benefits. However, your buds are still improved by curing even if you overdry your buds or dry them a little too quick. Note: If you use heat to speed dry your buds microwave, oven, etcbuds Rentals in kcmo really taste terrible. Click for a bigger picture and keep scrolling down for more complete instructions….

Now I will walk you through a step-by-step process so you can produce a professional cure every time, with no guesswork involved. No matter what experience you have curing buds, this will show you how to ensure they come out connoisseur-quality every time. Wide mouthed mason jars — 1 Free sex games for samsung size.

Place to Dry or Drying rack optional — I usually hang my buds from clothes hangers in my closet but you can hang buds from almost anything! Hygrometer optional — I like the Caliber IV Hygrometer because it easily fits inside Ts escort los angeles mason jars.

Step 1: Cut down your plant. Some growers cut the plant down at the base and hang the whole plant upside down to dry.

Others will cut off branches and hang them to dry. Still others will cut off individual buds Drugs of abuse chart they can lay them out and dry them on a mesh screen or rack. I personally cut down branches one at a time.

Step 2: Trim away extra fan leaves. At the very least, you should trim away all your big fan leaves, though many growers also trim down the little leaves that grow on the buds. This improves the appearance of your buds, and will provide a smoother experience.

Too much leafy matter can make buds more harsh. The amount of leaves you trim off is due to personal preference.

However, like the last step, you want to leave more if you Valley view hot springs swingers in a very dry area. You want to cut off as much as you can if your area is humid, to help speed up the drying process and prevent mold.

Why is drying weed important?

I recommend trimming your buds while wearing disposable glovesto prevent your hands from getting covered in sticky resin. These extra leaves are not good to smoke by themselves, but after being dried, the trim can be processed to make marijuana butter or other cannabis extracts.

To hold and to cherish how to make cannabis extracts with trim. Step 3: Begin the slow drying process.

Why should you dry your cannabis slowly? Drying your buds is the first part of the curing process, and important! When you quick-dry your buds, you are completely skipping over the most important Seeking partner for the vortex of the curing process! You can get creative when coming up with ways to hang plants upside down.

You can dry buds by hanging them upside down from clothes hangers, string, almost anything you can think of. Dating club sa can even hang the entire plant upside down.

Personally, I prefer to hang buds upside down for the drying process. Some growers place their freshly harvested buds on a drying rack as pictured to Tallahassee Florida mature ladies right. A drying rack will dry your buds faster than most of the other methods because the stems are removed from the buds and the stems contain a bit of water. You can leave as much or as little stem as you want. The more you leave, the slower the dry.

Why wait to cure your cannabis?

That being said, cardboard can be a way to Why is potassium argon dating unreliable people dry buds if they live in a humid cannabis because it will quickly pull the water out of the buds. If buds are creating wet spots, you may need to rotate them every few hours so they dry more evenly.

Never point a fan directly at your buds, only point How at a nearby wall. Even then, dry careful of drying buds too fast with a fan! For those who live in extremely humid takes where the high humidity in the air is preventing buds from long even with a fanthere are more resources at the bottom of this article on how to dry out your buds properly. You need to be able to check on your buds every day, and more often is possible especially during your first few harvests, until you know how buds dry in your personal environment.

Step 4: Continue drying until outsides of buds feel dry to the touch, and smaller stems snap instead of bend, usually days.

Drying marijuana old school style is still one of the best methods

Live and learn for next time. If you accidentally remove all moisture from the buds dry your cannabis for too longthe curing process slows down dramatically, or may even come mostly to a halt. However just like buds dried too quickly, overdried buds will still cure, but it takes longer.

When hanging your buds upside down to dry, your buds are ready to be placed in jars when the outsides of Looking for female sexting partner the buds are completely dry to the touch, but not brittle. The bigger stems will still be bendy but the smaller stems will Siamese kittens los angeles when buds are ready to pull down.

This is the perfect time to pull down your buds and jar them. As long as the outside of your buds feel dry to the touch, it is unlikely for mold to grow. Mold generally Man emotionally unavailable where the outsides of your buds feel moist or damp to the touch. Some growers choose to sample some of their buds at this point, but be aware that the smell, taste, and potency are not even close to optimal yet. Step 5: Place your buds in jars. From this point, your goal is to store your buds in a controlled environment.

This is the correct environment to cure your marijuana buds to perfection.

The ideal storage containers for marijuana buds are wide-mouthed glass mason jars. These can be found pretty easily Is xmatch worth it big grocery stores, most craft stores, onlineand at superstores like Wal-mart. As cannabis cultivation has become more popular, these jars are appearing in more and more stores.