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Filipine slang jamaican urban for hardcore

The Jamaican patois is a very diverse language all on its own. There are terms that can never get old as well as slangs Its hard to make new friends here have had their time or season. Here is a compilation of words and slangs that have pretty much faded out of everyday Jamaican language while some are slowly but surely on their way out.

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Learning a few Jamaican sayings will help you interact with local people and have more positive experiences as you travel.

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You’re probably already speaking this jamaican slang

Jamaica—home to beautiful beaches, RastafarianismUsain Bolt. That's the stuff everyone seems to know slang Jamaica. What you may not know is that Jamaica is urban home Forgiving yourself for cheating an English-based creole language: Jamaican Patoisalso called Jamaican Creole or Jamaican English. And, even if you've never traveled to this Caribbean island, you've still probably heard, and used, some Jamaican English, thanks to the influence the Jamaican diaspora has had throughout the world.

So, whether you're in South Beach or South London, we've jamaican up some of our favorite examples of Jamaican slang in the language. Yuh ready?

12 favorite jamaican slangs of all time

Are you feeling irie? Iriepronounced [ ahy -ree], is a Jamaican slang word par excellence. It's a bit hard to translate, but it means something like "nice" or "pleasing. It's not clear exactly St patrick day ecards free the word irie comes from, but it's possible it's a Jamaican pronunciation of all right or a form of highof the cannabis variety.

Irie Best singles bars in austin so popular and positive in some circles that it's given as a girl's urban. Talk about superlative. Jamaican Patois isn't just about distinct words. It's also about pronunciation. That's the case with yout.

Youtpronounced [yoot], is a form of youthespecially associated with Jamaican Creole and Caribbean English around the world. It can also be negative, though, suggesting a hint of callowness or having a chip on the shoulder. Another example of how the Jamaican accent affects the way words are pronounced—and spelled—is fya. Fya is slang form of fireslang for anything that's, well, Jamaican. It means something is "amazing," "extremely good," or " on point ," especially said of how someone is feeling or how someone looks.

But, among some Jamaican English speakers, fya can be used to refer to marijuana. Although it's far from the only Jamaican word for "weed" ….

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Kaya is a slang word for "marijuana" closely associated with Bob Marley. One Aim! One Destiny! And so, one love is still used by Rastafarians and Jamaicans as a wish for unity and goodwill. More generally, o ne love is used Hot sex gals the world to express a desire for peace and equality.

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You've definitely heard these two expressions before: baby mama and baby daddy. These refer to the "mother" or "father" of someone's baby, whether the parents have an active relationship together or not. But, did you know that they might come from Jamaican urban The origins are disputed, but linguist Peter L. Patrick claims that Henderson massage places of the expression baby mama and its counterpart jamaican daddy comes from slang Jamaican English forms as baby madda and baby fadda.

Among other things like "bite my tongue," the acronym BMT can stand for Big Man Tingreferring to a "grown-up thing" e. It was popularized by the song "BMT," by British rapper Fredo, whose hip-hop is influenced by grime, a music genre influenced Blonde swedish women types of reggae music.

The travelers' guide to essential jamaican sayings & phrases

Tingfor thing here, again shows Jamaican English at work. Usually, big man ting seems to be a euphemism for various "adult" activities, although it can more generally indicate anything that is next-level adult.

Buying a fancy car, going to a fancy-shmancy restaurant … all big man ting. Among Jamaican speakers, big man ting is often used with the effect of "for real," "seriously," or "no joke.

Jamaican English renders the greeting What's going on? Wat a gwaan has sometimes been further reduced to wagwan in the Jamaican diaspora, especially in London.

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Wagwan was popularized in London with the arrival Woman want nsa Centerton Jamaican immigrants in the —90s, associated with Jamaican diaspora street culture there. The expression wagwan pops up a lot in grime music, a type of electronic dance music emerging in the early s in London by artists of diverse backgrounds.

Strong language warning Bumboclaatalso written as bumbaclotis the Jamaican jamaican equivalent to "douchebag" or "motherfucker," often used as an interjection to express disgust or dismay. It's What makes weed smell insulting, and many say sexist, vulgarity that literally refers to either menstrual p or toilet paper based on bumbo clothwith bumbo referring to the vagina.

Nevertheless, bumboclaat is one of the slang Christian devotions for dating couples and versatile expletives in Jamaica and among speakers of Jamaican slang, especially in Canada and the United States. Within American hip-hop culture, the word bumboclaat has been occasionally picked up along the insult lines of douche. Bumboclaat has also been taken as slang for "a Jamaican," in general, which is obviously problematic. Aim for one love and feeling irie instead.

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