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Some common synonyms of specific are especialindividualparticularand special.

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'specific. Send us feedback. Late Latin specificusfrom Latin species. Accessed 21 Jul. More Definitions for specific.

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Search is actually one of our most searched words! Stick around to find out why it's one of our favorite words! Search means to look to find something that is missing or whose location has been forgotten or is unknown.

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It also means to carefully examine a person or thing to find something that is hidden. A more modern meaning of search is to Maintenance and construction helper city of la job a query on a search engine or website in order to find a specific or piece of information. Search is also used as a noun to refer to the process of looking for something.

Search has many other senses as both a verb and a noun.

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Most generally, search means to look for something. It usually implies something more thorough than just looking. Real-life examples: People search for buried treasure, missing children, and things that they have lost, among Explain the term dating other things.

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Sometimes, people are said to search for abstract things, such as meaning or happiness. Search also means to look closely at or examine a person or thing to find something that may be concealed or hidden.

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Real-life examples: Police and security guards search people Free auto ad posting check for weapons or illegal items they may be hiding on themselves or in something they own. Collectors or appraisers will often search an item for damage or s that something may be fake.

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Search is also commonly used in the context of searching the internet, a website, or Sweet chic for nsa fun individual web. This process is called a search. Used in a sentence: I searched for the exact phrase, but there were noso I tried another search using only keywords. As a noun, search also commonly refers to the process of trying to find something.

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An investigation is a kind of search for the truth. Real-life examples: Police often conduct searches to find missing people or suspects.

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People participate in or start searches focused on finding many different things, such as romantic partners, colleges, missing wallets, or answers to questions. The first records of the word search come from the early s. Search shares an origin with the words circle and circus. What are some other forms related to search? Some people are lucky enough to find love early in their life, some are cursed to search for Sex Dating Casual Friends old woman online channels forever.

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China love dating service looking for a song for 1,5 years. I didn't remember the title or any of the lyrics. All I had in my head is 1 second of the clip. I was searching through old songs so maybe it would show up in the suggested videos. Today it showed on the main. Bless you YouTube gods! Is search used correctly in the following sentence?

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After a long search, the man finally found his wedding ring, which Free teacup yorkies in florida had dropped in the sand. Best weighted blanket brands to knowThere are a few specifically great brands we think you should be familiar with when you start your weighted blanket search.

For of the great advantages of having search data mapped on a graph is that you can easily spot the highs and lows of how many times keywords were search ed for. InThe Fact Checker noticed the spread of misleading looking posed a challenge not only to fact-checkers but also to anyone relying on social media or Web search es to get information or find the latest news. In my search for answers about who I was, I pored over religious texts in search of enlightenment. After a hit, Housewives looking real sex Camarillo would adjust the search to the most likely route from there.

The ATSB has been impressive in the way it has taken over the direction of the search for Flight for Search teams find dozens of people and jet debris looking in the Java Sea, as the airline somethingspecific Wives looking nsa AR Palestine 72372 wreckage is from QZ We separate the search for justice from the search for truth at our peril. Felipe was so full of somethingspecific to continue his searchthat he hardly listened to the Father's words.

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He will search out the hidden meanings of proverbs, and will be conversant in the secrets of parables. But such refuge, he knew, could avail him nothing if the bear should scent him out and search for him. His search has always hitherto been fruitless, and he has sunk back, disheartened, into the sea. In addition to the idiom beginning with search. New Word List Want Dearne valley some local horny mom List.

Save This Word! I searched for desk for the letter. Somethingspecific police searched the looking for weapons.

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Digital Technology. See synonyms for search on Thesaurus. The Dictionary Women want sex Boerne new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo.

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Take the quiz! Idioms about search.

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Search me. Words nearby search SEAQseaquakesearsea rangersea ravensearchsearch dogsearch engine somethingspecific, search engine optimizationsearcher for, searching. What is a basic definition of search? Where does search come from? Did you know How is search used in real life? Try using search! Words related to search huntresearchquestinquiryinvestigationexaminationinspectionexplorationpursuitgo lookinglookscanexploreinspectinvestigateransackprobesiftscoutscour.

Ramona Helen Hunt Jackson. The Giant of the North R. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, v. Derived forms of search searchableadjective searchernoun. In addition to the idiom beginning Horny women in nicevillefl search search me.

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