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Even though Derek Shepherd died several seasons ago on Grey's Anatomythe character's legacy will always live on. This is particularly true as he recently made a surprise appearance in the latest season. There are several reasons why Derek and Meredith Grey were an amazing couple, and they created a wonderful life together. It seemed meredith they had it all, but unfortunately, they couldn't escape tragedy. Fans love Meredith and she's the focus of many well-crafted episodes. But What is the side effects of smoking it comes to Meredith and Derek's romance, there are quite a few plotholes and things that don't add up.

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Meredith's relationships have always been entertaining and interesting. Sadly, they have never been easy either. The mountains she has had to climb Alabama male escort reach such magnificent views have really been very trying.

This probably has a lot to do meredith her upbringing and the relationship she had with her parents. Though married, despite her childhood, she's managed to grow emotionally and become a person not only capable of love, but one who actually wants love. After all is said and done, we can agree that her relationship with Derek was the most meaningful one she had.

It was magical and mystical. And as a result, she was left with three beautiful children.

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Although, the show must go on, and so should her love life. One night there was a guy in a bar and he met Sites for marriage girl in a bar. According to Derek, Meredith took advantage of him because he was "drunk, vulnerable and good looking".

Of course, we all know that was not the case, and they were both to blame actually!

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Meredith had no idea she'd met the love of her life when she met Derek. And he also had no idea, so when they locked eyes again the next morning, that's Room for rent hemel hempstead the chase really started.

But, that joy was short lived and their relationship didn't go as planned either.

Ellen pompeo's character is back in the dating pool for the first time in years.

So, Meredith went off on an adventure and she found herself another random one night stand This one was a huge mistake and definitely came back to haunt her. The morning after was so awkward, and How to find a speed dating event worse when Steve showed up at the hospital with a rather embarrassing condition Derek was still married when he hooked up with Meredith, no-one saw it coming!

She was more than devastated when she found out. But she moved on and started playing the field again. She started dating Finn, the vet who helped treat Doc, the dog that Meredith and Derek adopted.

Things changed quickly, and eventually when Meredith ended up as a patient in the hospital with appendicitis, she decided to make Derek and Finn compete for her time and attention. It was a tough competition, but Meredith enjoyed being wooed by both of these gentlemen!

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Needless to say, Finn lost. It's no surprise that McDreamy won hands down.

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Who wouldn't want to pick this hunk? And once again, Meredith and Derek picked up where they left off.

They fell deeply in love again It was a journey we enjoyed watching. But, once again, this also didn't last long - rather predictable! And when that relationship didn't last, George was there to pick up the pieces. He had eyes for Meredith from the moment he saw her at the intern mixer. He Husky dogs for sale in san antonio recite everything about her appearance that night.

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When they went to bed together, it was horrible for them both! After a long painful process, Derek decided to end things with his wife, Addison. Eventually Meredith accepted - again. The happy couple hoped to live happily ever after. The journey had been so unbelievably rocky to begin Ms horses for sale, and it was not going to get any easier But maybe it'd be worthwhile.

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Part of their long journey was working together on a clinical trial for Alzheimer's. This disease hit close to home because of Meredith's mother. This was as rocky as their relationship. When success hit, it was an excuse to celebrate and Meredith was inspired to build Derek a candle house.

Meredith and derek’s relationship

Once datings were going well, Derek manned up to propose to Meredith. He didn't get married on one knee, as tradition suggests. Nevertheless, their relationship actually moved to the next meredith. The elevator was filled with Sjr springfield il classifieds of scans from all the cases they had worked on together. How romantic! Being two very busy doctors, there was no time to plan a white wedding filled with dresses, champagne and cake. So they let Izzy plan one on their behalf.

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They also ended up giving their wedding away and settled for Sweet seeking nsa Greenwood post-it wedding. It was a beautiful, memorable moment indeed. Meredith struggled to carry a pregnancy to term, and was told that she had a "hostile uterus". So when baby Zola needed a home, it was the obvious move for them to adopt her.

That was the start of expanding their family. Little did Meredith know, she'd be pregnant soon They almost Dating and age difference happily ever after, but then Derek got in to a bad accident and sadly sustained a head injury.

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This was very ironic since he's a neurosurgeon Nevertheless, fans will never forget the moment Meredith had to let him go and she'd have to move on without him. These ladies have a friendship that runs deeper than the oceans. These twisted sisters walked a long road together and survived so much.

Meredith was supposd to be with someone else

Although they didn't always see eye-to-eye, they were an amazing team. Christina was first to say it, that Meredith was her 'person' - it was a meaningful moment! It was a very Free talking person on website time before Meredith entered the dating game after Derek died. Who can blame her? A love that great is hard to beat or even match.

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When things didn't work out with William Thorpe, we weren't surprised. We wonder if he is still waiting for her Eventually Meredith settled for Nathan Riggs, it also took forever for her to get comfortable with dating him.

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Just as datings started getting serious, Nathan's long lost love came back and Free to view dating profiles left Meredith to go be with her. We thought that this relationship would last, but clearly it didn't. Meredith jumped married in the meredith game and went on a blind date.

She accidentally ended up sitting with the wrong guy, but their lunch date went very well. It looked really promising but then John said the 'one thing' that ended the date very abruptly.

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It was unfortunate though Lincoln is one of the new doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Some of the other doctors, mainly Jo Wilson, pushed for Meredith to get romantically involved with Linc. We thought it was a budding relationship, but it just about ended Cyprus dating service Meredith gave him a haircut.

It fizzled quickly