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Lake Mungo is one of 17 dried Pleistocene Epoch about 2. In Bowler Girls fucking Mc clure Ohio the complete skeleton of a man, known as Mungo Man. Carbon dating indicated that these remains were approximately 40, years old, meaning that Mungo Lady and Mungo Man were the oldest human remains found in Australia to that date.

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Fresh analysis of the skeletal remains found at Lake Mungo in Water street massage spa milwaukee 25 years ago indicate he may be up to 68, years old - making him 28, years older than earlier scientific estimates. The revised dating of the remains by scientists at the Australian National University rewrites the history of Australia's occupation and has profound implications for worldwide debate over the origins of modern man.

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How Old are the Mungo Man Remains? This article explores the human remains of Lake Mungo and the stratigraphy reconstruction carried out to determine his age. Share this post. By reconstructing it from what is…. Want to keep learning?


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Who was mungo man?

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