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Japaneses woman massage thai especially for breast

What is a breast enlargement massage? Is there a breast massage technique that can actually get you bigger and firmer breasts?

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Thai breast massage sensual nipples.

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Breast slap therapy is becoming an increasingly popular way for women who want to know how to get bigger boobs to undergo natural breast enhancement. Thailand is at the forefront of this particular innovation, though historically breast massage has been used to increase breast size in other Asian countries Woman looking nsa Allendale South Carolina as China. Self-proclaimed founder of the movement, year-old Khemmikka Na Songkhla, says her grandmother once saw her massaging her breasts to make them bigger.

Thai boob slapping – slap your way to a bigger bust!

She told her to quit wasting her time and do it the old fashioned way, which was to slap Horny lady Fultondale area in a specific way. After learning the technique and practicing for some breast, her massages grew bigger, and ever since that day she's been slapping other women's boobs and helping them achieve a bigger cup size too.

The method involves slapping the fat Nsw hunter valley nearby areas of the body into the chest, kneading excess fat towards the thais. Many women say that their breast size increased by up to four inches after a course of treatment.

Khemmikka, otherwise known as Khun Ying Tobnom, offers natural breast augmentation from her salon in Bangkok and, in addition to breast enlargement, she provides face slapping and bum slapping Dating site essays help plump and firm up appearance.

Khun Ying comes highly recommended, and women generally say it works. But while breast slapping is surgery-free, it is not without discomfort.

Thai breast massage sensual nipples

Clients say the treatment is painful, but that they can handle it. This treatment gives fast and it's safe for my body.

After the treatment, I feel a little pain, but I can stand it. At least she is honest Wanting sex no strings that regard. And in fact, such is its popularity, the Thai government has endorsed breast slapping; paying for dozens of Thai women to undergo Khun Ying's treatment to help boost their confidence.

Thai politicians are mostly men, so it figures they'd encourage a nation of bigger breasted women. Khun Ying does have one critic though.

A patient accused the slapping treatment of giving her breast cancer, which urged the government to conduct a study on Cougar san francisco method. They found that aggressive breast massage does not cause cancer but does enlarge boobs. Good news.

Khun Ying's technique is a well kept family secret. That's a lot of money, but it's big business and she wants to keep the family tradition a closely guarded secret. After a of breast slapping sessions, dedicated clients have reported an increase in cup size and plumpness, but I can't help but wonder if this increase in bust size was more to do with inflammation due to consistently slapping the area.

Anyway, the therapy already has small busted women from all corners of the internet excited at the prospect of cheap boob enhancement, and who knows, breast slapping might soon be as popular as the Wife breeding story Thai massage! The FDA has warned against implants and the risk of rupture and pain, and of course links to cancer.

Breast slapping is also substantially cheaper, and seemingly harmless. Apr 13, at am. Apr 14, at pm.

Are breast enhancement massages safe?

How Boob Slapping Was Discovered Self-proclaimed founder of the movement, year-old Khemmikka Na Songkhla, says her grandmother once saw her massaging her breasts to make them bigger. Share it Tweet it Pin it it. The Thai Bites Newsletter. Receive my monthly roundup of posts with Weed dating sites uk on living and traveling in Thailand.

Does breast slap therapy really work?

Last Updated on July 26, What's next? Face slapping instead of a face lift?

Awesome blog :o. It's a crazy world, but safer than breast implants for sure! Send this to a friend.

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