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So Georgetown passes out free needles to addicts. I read an article that says drug overdose deaths had doubled since this happened, from like 20 to

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I read an article that says drug overdose deaths had doubled since this happened, from like 20 to 40 a year. It should be rescinded. Suger daddy time they were warned looks like. Got a suger daddy now. Well she did it moved on again Dating ultrasound what to expect knew it would happen got her a.

Suger daddy now. Both of you were ran over. No way am I voting for him.

Just because they picked the lemon on the lot Biden. Do you really want to that ride? You will be back at your tricks Then move on again.

What do you have to smile about. You left your children.

Guess no one wants facts now we wanted to share them hope the children are not around her how could you. Don't think you want to know whole story. You that are without I sucked my friends cock, cast the first stone. Shame on you. Get a life.

Georgetownky topix

Some one needs to point him to Brooksville topics and Georgetown topics, he will then see what a winner she is ran from her children no matter what she tells, Used suv for sale in san diego about her looking for free ride now. No telling what lies she has told him, he doesn't know any different, she leaves kids behind, hes getting what was advertized.

Found a place to hang out lay around, for free, he will figure her out he wil have to get rid of hischildren if he has any she dont deal with kids, hope he has medicine. Any one want name and pic. Saw this person at sport bar in cynthiana sat night, with her black date, ho pe he has his shots up to date, yes he works there in town know Driving through Mesa on men fucking women 6 well hewil.

Figure her out getting one thing, whats advertized. Someone give her some attention, she needs it, tell her she pretty or something, bathrm selfies everyday, to bad shes not as interested in her children, as she is for herself, shes old looking.

Notice her face bookkids com first, they were first thing, she left behind with there dad, who would want to date something like her, take protection with you, stop at fuel stations, and tke High first time, in rest rm looking old she is, what a fake.

No time for children, so selfish, take care of that ache dn low.

Modern facility? You can find her in gas station, in front of mirror, taking selfies, and looking old every morning.

They said she was on prowl this weekend, looking for next man. Then you scan it and it's not the sale price. Happens a lot.

She is a hoe, everyone knows, n bracken county looser hoe. Has Rob lost his mind? Look at Brooksville ky topics, and get the storie, readthe rest of storie.

Drives a black honda. Lucky georgetown, you now have that so called mother from Bracken county, who ran off and left kids, their dad was taking care of Speed dating lakeland florida anyway, she was running with someone most the time, now she is living with her mom. Beshear won Scott County. Time to shake up the local Republican Party.

They also voted for the Needle Exchange. Georgetown badly needs a Neighborhood Wal-Mart.

Where the hell were Pratt, Thayer, and Kathy Stocks? I feel bad for Morales and all, but I don't like him turning on law enforcement. It's a dangerous, thankless job.