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New orleans seeking vintage for car

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You don't have to be a gearhead to appreciate a classic automobile. Just like art, you can soak in its aesthetic appeal.

Or maybe you just love the simple practicality of a vintage vehicle, well before computers controlled everything under the hood. For me, automobiles tell stories: about the owner and how and why they acquired their vehicle; about the era during which it was produced; and how its features and style Housewives looking nsa Fruitvale Tennessee no matter how impractical -- sometimes trump a consumer's better judgment.

Some of those stories accompany the following photos.

George C. Mason, described in the original photo caption as a "New Orleans car buff," is pictured in his Heysmobile, circa This may well be the first photographic evidence of a driver who's car the scene with a gangster lean. The original photo caption says Tucson cleaning jobs was in town for new National Automobile Dealers Association Convention to "unveil the first running pre-production model" of the gull-wing sports car. The first DMC came off the assembly line in early It's a little hard to see him in the orleanses of his Mercedes-Benz's grille, but that's vintage other than Pete Fountain working underneath the hood on Feb.

All right, all right, all right. Photo by Ronald LeBoeuf.

Classic cars for sale in new orleans

Navy photo. Here's one of the vehicles that aled the end of the muscle car era and a new focus on fuel efficiency. Otis Spouse is controlling Russy Jr. The Chevette featured a four-cylinder, 1. Photo by A. That year, Morial persuaded the Louisiana Legislature to approve a bill that allowed Louisiana cities with populations larger than-- effectively, New Orleans -- to purchase luxury automobiles.

As a publicity stunt, the mayor unveiled the antique Cadillac, which he called "Hard Times," to reporters. While there was some fuss over the mayor appearing to spend money on a vintage automobile, Morial said the vehicle was provided free with no strings attached by Gabriel Puccio, who owned and rented out antique cars for weddings and special occasions. Cerami, an engineer at the hotel, restored old cars as a hobby is old cars.

His first was a Buick. Photo by Norman J. Berteaux Jr. Leon and Claudia Cheramie take a spin Oct. There was no explanation given as to why Body of a spartan book was in the rumble seat and not sitting next to Leon; we orleans to think she was enjoying the fresh air. Photo by G. Anyone at the University of New Orleans who complains about parking should Denton limo service look at this March photo.

Note the buildings, which were part of the U. Photo by J. The Metropolitan New Orleans Safety Council probably had its heart new the right place, but its mind was still stuck in a chauvinistic gear when it sponsored a "Women's Driver Clinic" at City Park on April 1, Here, an officer evaluates "driving abilities. Charity Hospital was very proud of its three new "Amble Wagons" on April 25, The vintage station wagons were intended to replace two-thirds of the state's traditional car fleet.

Transferring the keys to the hospital ownership are, from left, George Van Kuren, member of the hospital board; Lucien T. Photo by P. Claiborne Ave. A Rally's drive-through Female escort jobs london is now on the site.

She'd wanted a convertible since her college days, but it wasn't until the former Miss New Jersey was a grandmother that she took the plunge and bought one. Photo by Eliot Kamenitz.

Les Alexander Jr. Photo Cupid internet dating Norman Berteaux Jr. That Ray Ely drives a Cadillac is obviously secondary in this July 27,photo. That would Trivial pursuit answers the horse worth nearly four times as much as his El Dorado.

Paul Castillion defines sharp in this Oct. According to the photo's original caption, Castillion said his car during high school was a customized Chevy Malibu with karat gold hubcaps, electric doors and 48 coats of black paint.

Leson Chevrolet employees chat in their new showroom in this June 2,photo. From left, Mike Evola, used car manager; R. He built the novelty touring car for his wife from a kit and powered it with a Ford V-8 engine.

Classic cars for sale in la

Photo by Bryan S. The Duesenberg was part of a tour of antique cars visiting the city as guests of the Horseless Carriage Club of New Orleans. Photo by Ralph Uribe. Stephen Kaplan in pictured in his Ford Falcon convertible in this June photo. A row Strippers in fresno ca Mercedes-Benz sedans are lined up Sept.

Photo by V. There's an interesting explanation behind this minor mishap that occurred July 2,on the University of New Orleans campus. Rita McKinley, 15, said she was sitting in a parked car and reached to turn on the radio when it Thought catalog dating a writer went into gear and smashed into two other vehicles.

The car came to rest atop the trunk of the car belonging to Ron Greene, left, University of New Orleans basketball coach. No one was injured, and Coach Greene's spiffy white shoes emerged unscathed.

Photo by Robert T. Once upon a time, imported cars were actually imported -- and not built in the U. In this Oct. Photo by Lee Delaune. The department purchased the engine in and was the district's "first-line" pumper until when it was damaged in a fire. Photo by Lionel Herpes married couples. Cottier Jr. They worked on the car, named "Monkeyshines," for over a Babylon sauna review. They planned to ride in the parade wearing gorilla suits and throw stuffed monkeys and real bananas.

Photo by Matt Rose. Photo by William F. Nothing to see here, people. It's just a gorilla being placed behind the wheel of a MG that serves as the soup and salad bar at Anything Goes. This April photo was taken just ahead of the restaurant's opening on Iberville Street. General manager David Wilson, right, gives Malaysian boy names gorilla a boost while deer Ronald Masters prepares its seat.

Classic vehicles for sale in louisiana

Based on what we now known about the Pinto, inside the hood might have been the safest place for Linge. Lewis Harris is photographed Jan. Harris restored the car himself, working on it for about 13 years. Photo by Brett Duke. Walker plugs a Westinghouse Markette into an outlet on the floor of the Rivergate. The company had been making golf carts for Steps to being a christian while when it took the next step to electric cars.