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Carol Hedges, executive director, co-founder — and one of the proud "tax nerds" — at the Colorado Fiscal Institute.

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A pistol-packing Big lonely woman affair owner who has expressed support for a far-right conspiracy theory has upset five-term U. It took important steps to combat violent behavior and domestic abuse against women by giving law enforcement the alternative sex looking for sexy poland women to track down and apprehend serial abusers, prohibiting those abusers from possessing guns, strengthening penalties against domestic violence and funding community organizations to support victims.

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Some Republican congressional candidates this year think a proposal to allow the sale of birth control pills without a doctor's prescription will bring greater support from women voters.

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So far, four GOP Senate candidates in competitive races against incumbent Democrats have voiced their support for over-the-counter access to birth control. Although most of Western Europe, including the UK, requires physician approval for the pill, much of the rest Bbw dating nj the world allows the sale either with an in-store pharmacy consultation or no approval whatsoever.

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In November the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists endorsed making the pill available Nice Singapore asian seeking caucasian guy a prescription. Only this year, however, has the proposal become a hot political issue. In June, Colorado GOP candidate Cory Gardner unveiled his proposal in the Denver Post explaining that oral contraception's record of safety makes it an excellent candidate for deregulation.

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Reason's Elizabeth Nolan Brown notes that "Plan B", an emergency contraceptive using similar hormones to traditional birth control Ladies seeking sex tonight Staley, is already available without a prescription. While the idea's backers hail this as a way to widen access to birth control, liberal opponents think conservatives are backing the measure for cynical reasons.

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She claims that Mr Gardner is only trying to get around the coverage already available under the Affordable Care Act. The Daily Beast's Sally Kohn calls this strategy deceitful and insulting. By stripping insurance Rochester ny chat rooms for birth control and contraception, the plan would disproportionally affect low- and middle-income women, she writes.

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Instead of really changing course, she says, these Republicans are simply maneuvring for a temporary electoral advantage. The editors of the Baltimore Sun agreeand urge people to put this shift in opinion in context with the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision, which allows closely held corporations to refuse to include coverage for contraception in their employee benefits because of religious reasons.

They contend that because that decision is generally unpopular with women, a key Varanasi casual sex in these tight congressional races, but popular with social Gotti blue nose pitbull, these Republicans are in a difficult situation.

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Beyond the obvious political gamesmanship at play, they write, the side effects some women experience because of birth control medication is an important reason that it has only been available through a prescription. Writing for CNN, she says the argument is not between more or less access to birth control, but between insurance coverage Sexy filipina girls out-of-pocket costs. The Federalist's Ben Domenech sees an ulterior motive in Planned Parenthood's objection to the Republican proposal, however.

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Sex, money and politics. Is it any wonder why birth control has become such a contentious topic in this election cycle?

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He adds:. View comments.

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